You can use the form below to report an incident of anti-social behaviour.

We can only take direct action if you supply your contact details so that we can discuss the full details of your complaint with you.

By providing contact details, it will help us to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If you choose to report an incident anonymously, we will strive to resolve the situation and will keep it on record to support any further complaints that we may receive about a person or situation.

If the harassment or threat of harm is severe then you should report it to the police straight away. If you feel for your own safety, report the incident to the police by dialing 999. Call 101 to report a non-urgent incident.

Report anti-social behaviour

Please remember that we have a duty to investigate the issue from both sides and, if you give us permission once we have spoken to you, we will try to contact the person who you have made a complaint about to try to resolve the issue. We will keep your details confidential, unless we agree something different with you.

We take anti-social behaviour very seriously and we have a firm approach to challenging and tackling it. Find out what support we offer to victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour.

What complaints will we not investigate?

There are some complaints that Progress Housing Group will not investigate. These are:

  1. Normal household noise which happens from 9am to 10pm, such as washing machine noise, doors closing, low level TV or radio noise. These are considered normal and expected to be heard.
  2. Neighbours smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco in their own self contained home. Residents are entitled to smoke in their own self contained homes and there is nothing we can do to stop this even if you can smell the tobacco smoke.
  3. One off DIY noise from power tools that happen between reasonable daytime hours - usually 9am to 6pm. This is even if you work night shifts and want to sleep during the day. Residents are entitled, provided it is not a regular occurrence, to undertake DIY jobs in their home at reasonable daytime hours.
  4. Parking on a road or in an available parking space where the car is taxed and insured, the parking bay is not designated to you and the car is parked in accordance with the law.

Residents can speak to their neighbours directly if they feel the issue is affecting them but we will not investigate these types of complaint.

In addition there may be some complaints that we may ask you to report to the Police to investigate because they are the more appropriate agency to investigate.

These are complaints where an allegation of a crime is being made. Progress Housing Group will not lead an investigation about an alleged crime; that is the role of the Police.

We work very closely with the Police (and other local statutory agencies) and will assist them in the investigation of a crime when appropriate.

There may be occasions when we take action following a Police investigation of a crime, but the lead agency to investigate allegations of crime is the Police.